Weekend Planning

Friends in town? Want a break from the usual? We'll work with you to understand your group dynamics, what you're looking to do, then design the perfect weekend in this great city.

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Weeknight Planning

Date night? Concert at the Fiserv? We'll provide recommendations, make reservations, and more to make sure you have a great experience on your night out.

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Day to Day Services

Need dry cleaning done? Groceries shopped for? We'll work with you to understand you need help and we'll create a customized plan.

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Since 1993

CityConcierge is here for you

Everybody has that person in their group of friends that knows the best place to go at the right time. They make you think, how the heck did they know about this. We at CityConcierge are that friend!

We are Milwaukeeans that are here to help you maximize your free time. We go through the painstaking work of knowing what's going on in the city at all times, evaluating options, and recommending so you are maximizing your free time.


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